RE Resources - Assemblies

In this section we aim to provide assemblies aimed mainly for Primary school pupils. The scripts are for assemblies led by one class or a group of pupils. They include mostly readings, prayers and occasionally drama. Hymns or songs are not included. All assemblies are available in MS Word formats to make it easier for teachers to make any necessary amendments or adjustments as needed such as number of readers taking part, number of hymns sung, etc.

There is also another section with PowerPoint Presentations on this website. Most of our presentations could be used for a teacher led assembly. To see the list click here.

We hope to add more of these assemblies in the near future. Write to us with your comments on



1 All Saints and All Souls A class assembly for the month of November
2 First Confession A class assembly to celebrate the First Confession of children.
3 First Holy Communion A class assembly to celebrate First Holy Communion.

We welcome your help, comments and suggestions regarding these and other resources on this website. They will be used as a guide for improvements and future developments. Please write to us on or fill in the form here.