RE Resources - Faith Extra series

“I have faith, help my lack of faith.” (Mk 9:24)

Those are the words of a caring father, who, worried about the state his son was in, went to Jesus asking him to heal him from his terrible convulsions caused by an evil spirit. ‘Everything is possible for the one who has faith’ was Jesus’ first response to the man.

The father though couldn’t have come up with a better reply to that. “I have faith, help my lack of faith,” he said. (Mk 9:24)

Upon hearing this father asking for even more faith, Jesus performed the miracle, healed the son and freed him from the evil spirit.

It is from this episode that the title of this section was inspired. Like that father we all need to increase and strengthen our faith. We all need to make an effort to put that little extra. To move on and really believe more.

A more mature faith can come from learning more about faith and faith issues. The worksheets in this Faith Extra series are aimed to be a tool by which groups of young people can learn, discuss and share ideas about the Catholic faith. It is hoped that this will serve to help inform and to form the hearts and minds of young people who want to be serious about moving on in their faith journey.



1 The Journey of My Faith
2 Images of God
3 The Holy Bible
4 The Ten Commandments
5 Habits
6 Reconciliation
7 Happiness
8 Advent
9 Christmas
10 Belonging
11 Jesus and the Holy Land
12 Evil
13 Who do you say I am?
14 Money
15 The Parables of Jesus
16 The Miracles of Jesus
17 Failure and Success
18 Friends
19 Meals with a Meaning
20 He is Risen
21 Celebrating the Christian Way
22 The Day the Spirit Came
23 The Church
24 Time
25 Peer Pressure
26 Other Faiths

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