St George Preca

The Founder of SDC lived 82 years in which he showed everyone how to love God and how to be a real Jesus' disciple. In these pages you can find more about his life, his prayers and his writings.


St George Preca

Read the life of St George Preca in different languages. This brief profile shows the way St George Preca started the Society.

His Prayers

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St George Preca is the writer of so many prayers, some written for the members of the Society, some for everyone. Click on the link below to find some of these prayers.

The image showing the fish in a bowl of water is inspired from an idea that St George Preca often referred to when speaking about our relationship with God. According to him we live in God like a fish in water. As the fish lives in water and cannot survive without it we are constantly surrounded with the presence and the love of God and we should be convinced that we cannot live without him.


General Resources

The Founder of SDC is the writer of over 100 books about the Catholic Faith. Here you can find some information about few books that were translated into English. You can also find out how to buy these books.

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