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The image showing the fish in a bowl of water is inspired from an idea that St George Preca often referred to when speaking about our relationship with God. According to him we live in God like a fish in water. As the fish lives in water and cannot survive without it we are constantly surrounded with the presence and the love of God and we should be convinced that we cannot live without him.

Prayers by St George Preca


Quotidie means "everyday". This is meant to be the everyday prayer of the Christian.

Lord God, you are here and I am in you: I speak to you and you listen to me: I ask of you and you grant to me because you have shown us in Holy Scripture that it is your delight to be with us your children, and also that it is your wish that we should have recourse to you in all our needs. It is with total confidence, therefore, that we ask of you as children ask of their parents.

- A -

  1. Lord God, glorify your name.
  2. Lord God, reign over all people.
  3. Lord God, defend your honour.
  4. Lord God, make yourself known.
  5. Lord God, do your own will.
  6. Lord God, rejoice in your works.
  7. Lord God, enjoy your own beauty.
  8. Lord God, show the beauty of your law.
  9. Lord God, enjoy your infinite treasures.

- B -

  1. Lord God, convert sinners to you.
  2. Lord God, give perseverance to the just.
  3. Lord God, save the dying.
  4. Lord God, grant rest to the faithful departed.
  5. Lord God, console those who are sad.
  6. Lord God, enlighten the ignorant.
  7. Lord God, restore health to the sick.
  8. Lord God, help those in need.
  9. Lord God, help those experienceing worries to accept your will.

- C -

  1. Lord God, purify my heart.
  2. Lord God, give me the spirit of Christ.
  3. Lord God, save me from all deceits.
  4. Lord God, lead me in all my ways.
  5. Lord God, make me rejoice in your peace.
  6. Lord God, keep me always in your hands.
  7. Lord God, fill me with the spirit of sacrifice.
  8. Lord God, seek me to adore you.
  9. Lord God, bless my soul at the hour of my death.

Jesus Christ the Nazarene, King of the Jews, the only Son of the living God, and of the Virgin Mother Mary, sole mediator between us and God, show your divine wounds to the Justice of God, and through your merits save the whole world. Amen.