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Blessed are the peacemakers;
They shall be recognised as children of God.

Matthew 5:9

John Paul 2

God of our Fathers,
great and merciful,
Lord of peace and life,
Father of all.
Your plans are for peace, not affliction.
You condemn wars and defeat the pride of the violent.
You sent your Son Jesus
to gather people of every race and nation
into a single family.
Hear the anguished plea of all humanity:
no more war, an adventure without return,
no more war, a spiral of death and violence.
In communion with Mary we implore you again,
speak to the hearts of those who determine
the fate of the peoples.
Stop the logic of revenge and retaliation.
With your Spirit suggest new solutions
more fruitful than the deadlines of war.
Give our era days of peace -
and no more war. Amen.

Blessed Pope John Paul II