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Jesus Christ, the Nazarene

St George Preca and Jesus

On Easter Sunday morning St George Preca, Founder of SDC urged the members to think more about Jesus Christ. So they meet and say rounds about who is Jesus Christ. Not that they do not know, but Fr George wanted them to remind themselves about Jesus and so love him more. It is in a form of a dialogue:

Leader: Jesus Christ the Nazarene.

Congregation: Who is Jesus Christ the Nazarene?

Leader: It could not be possible that you do not know who is this Jesus Christ the Nazarene, this great person whose name whisks, whispers, gently but terribly in all corners of the world; this person approved by the Almighty in front of the people through miracles, wonders and signs that through him God worked before the Jewish people and before our forefathers.

Congregation: Yes, we know who this Jesus Christ the Nazarene is; but still we want to enjoy listening more about his greatness, power, virtue, glory and works, his merits, his teachings and examples, because He truly deserves that we know him, love him and serve him. Amen.

Then all those present start to say sentences like these:

  • This is the true and natural son of God, who through the Holy Spirit became man of the Virgin Mother Mary, for us men and for our salvation. Amen.
  • This is him who raised from the dead, Lazarus who already had been in the tomb for four days. Amen.
  • This is him who consoled the widow of Nain by giving back life to her only soon who had died. Amen.

  • Do you read the Gospels and so know more about Jesus Christ who rose from the dead?
  • Can you think of other episodes from Jesus' life?