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Honesty is the best policy.

You must have heard that saying. Or someone talking to you about this and that and adding "... to be honest".

But what is HONESTY?

Honesty is the practice of being genuine, not giving in to lying, cheating, or misleading others. It means being fair and just. Honesty is shown through our sincerity and truthfulness. It is the opposite of deception and lies of any shape or form.

Being truthfully honest is being honest all the time. That includes being honest even when it hurts, when there is the risk of admitting one's weaknesses and faults.

  • Do I always tell the truth, whatever the situation? Do I ever make use of deceitful language?
  • Do I ever claim any social benefits I'm not entitled to? Is that not like stealing?
  • Am I always honest towards my neighbour and God, or just when someone is looking?