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Good Example

A bed ridden old man lived with his 40 year old son, daughter in law and their two children. As the old man grew older and it became harder to look after him, the son decided he had to do something. So he thought of taking him to the woods where he would let him die peacefully in his sleep. One summer day he drove his old father to a quiet place deep in the woods. With him he took Liam his own 8 year old son. Once at their destination, they lifted the old man out of the car and left him resting against a tree trunk. As they were ready to leave the young boy Liam said to his dad, "I'm so glad I came with you here today, dad."

"How's that, son?" asked the dad. "Why is it you're happy coming here?"

"Well, because I now know where to bring you and mum when you're both grandad's age!"

Clearly dumbfounded at that unexpected reply the dad went to the old man again, lifted him back to the car and took him back home to live with the family again.

  • Do you ever think that all your actions are an example to others?
  • Do you think that what you say or do in your everyday life is leaving a good example? Or is it often a bad one?