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St Nicholas

St Nicholas is one of the most popular saints in many parts of the world.

One of the stories that are told about him is the one of the "Three daughters". There lived in Patara, the town where he was bishop, a three young ladies who due to the poor state they were living in were not able to get married. Their father was not in a position to pay for the dowries for any of them.

Nicholas wanted to help - but he wanted to do this while at the same time staying anonymous. When the time came for the eldest daughter to get married Bishop Nicholas secretly went to their house and dropped a bag of gold coins down the chimney into the house. Later on he did the same for the second and third daughters. At the last attempt however he couldn't avoid being discoverd by the father, who besides thanking Nicholas made sure that everyone in the town got to know about the generosity of their bishop. For this reason he later became know as Santa Claus - the secret giver of gifts at Christmas time.

  • Are you normally attentive to the needs of others around you?
  • Do you take initiative to help?
  • When you do help or give money to charity, do you do it with the right intention or just to show off? Do you remember what Jesus says, "Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing"?