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A circus performer giving a show of acrobatic stunts was amusing his audience crossing a tight rope numerous times and at various speeds. He even went across balancing a wheelbarrow. It was a breathtaking show. Having successfully crossed over with his wheelbarrow the performer asked the audience whether they thought he could do it all over again to the other side. A loud sudden cheer came up from the audience who were all so keen of seeing that balancing act again. So the performer pointed at a young man in the audience and asked him, "So do you believe I could do it?"

"Sure", replied the young man, "you certainly could!"

"OK," said the performer from up where he was, "I want you to come up here and I'll take the wheelbarrow across with you in it!"

"Oh no!" shouted back promptly the young man. "I didn't mean I wanted to be in the wheelbarrow myself!"

  • Have you ever thought whether you are a person who really have trust in God?
  • If you think you do trust in God, do you let him work in you in all things, or you just pick and choose what pleases you?