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Peace Be with You

St Francis of Assisi

SDC Founder St George Preca wanted all members of his Society to greet each other by the words "Peace be with you". Surely he was inspired by what Jesus said to his apostles, "My peace I give to you." Jesus wanted all his followers to enjoy the gift of peace. He knew that the troubles and sufferings we go through at times make us feel anything but inner peace. But in giving us His peace, Jesus assures us that peace is possible.

How are we to achieve this state - that inner peace that every man desires?

One way is to bring peace to others. "Lord make me a channel of your peace ..." Francis of Assisi wrote.

As Christians we can also pray for peace ... not just talk about it. As for inner peace for ourselves ... we should not let daily troubles or things that sometimes go wrong take away our peace. We should learn how to live in peace!!

  • Are you letting problems and troubles you sometimes have to face take away your inner peace?
  • Can you honestly say that you are a "bringer" of peace to those you meet in your everyday life? Are you a channel of God's peace?